Friday, August 1, 2008

Victory for Mt. Soledad—Federal Judge Rules that Cross can Stay

San Diego, CA-On Tuesday of this week a federal judge ok'd the presence of the 29-foot cross on Mt. Soledad in San Diego, California—a memorial to Korean War veterans, according to a Christian Post report. The decision was the culmination of a long battle after a lawsuit was filed in the 1980's by the ACLU; seeking to remove the cross on the grounds of unconstitutionality.U.S. District Judge Larry Alan Burns stated in his ruling, "The court finds the memorial at Mt. Soledad, including its Latin cross, communicates the primarily non-religious messages of military service, death, and sacrifice," Burns wrote in his decision. "As such, despite its location on public land, the memorial is constitutional."Happy with Judge Burns' judgment was William Kellogg, president of the nonprofit Mount Soledad Memorial Association. In an interview with the Union-Tribune of San Diego he said, "That makes me feel terrific because that truly is what it's all about, honoring veterans. Our mission has been to communicate that to the public for so many years, so I think the language there is very appropriate."
Source: Lawrence Jones – Christian Post
PS:The ACLU here in the US hates christians and fights for anything and everything that relates to Jesus and the God of the Bible.....
As in the days of Noah...

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