Saturday, August 9, 2008

INDONESIA:Christians Rally Against Sharia Law

About 1,000 Christians in Papua, Indonesia held a rally on Tuesday,August 5th to protest against an implementation of Islamic Sharia law in their province. The protesters were carrying banners saying "Papua, Sharia no."They stated that they disagreed on the establishment of Islamic boarding schools and working on Sundays.In an attempt to save electricity, the central government has considered to make Sunday a work day in the province.Indonesia is predominantly Muslim but some areas, particularly in the east including Papua, have Christian majorities.The introduction of Sharia law in the country will serve to intensify violence and persecution of Christians, including forced conversions, killings, and destruction of church and personal property.
that God will divert the plan to implement Sharia law in Papua and nearby provinces.
Pray that Christians and Muslims will find ways to live in peace in Papua and other areas of Indonesia.
Pray for the Holy Spirit to move over Indonesia and reveal the truth of the gospel to the Muslims in Indonesia.
As in the days of Noah...

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