Sunday, August 17, 2008

Eritrea Imprisons Christian Students in Shipping Containers

Compass Direct News reports that eight Christian high school students were arrested and put into metal shipping containers that the government uses to imprison those that express their Christian faith. These eight Chistians were at a military training school in Sawa for compulsary military training as required for graduation from high school. It was reported that more than 1500 Bibles were taken from new students arriving at the training school during the current academic year.The eight boldly condemned Eritrean military officials for confiscating and burning their Bibles, and as a result were incarcerated.While the military was burning the Bibles, the chief commander warned students that the city of Sawa is a place for patriotism, not “Pentes” (Pentecostals). After the burning, the military also arrested 35 other teenage students, subjecting them to severe military punishment and physical torture; even though the Eritrean government denies any religious oppression.
Pray for all of those arrested who were given the boldness to speak out against the Bible burning.
Pray also that God gives these students continued boldness and endurance to stay true to their faith in God.
Pray for the Eritrean Government; that God will open their eyes so that they too may come to Jesus Christ, and that Christ will prevail in this very hostile nation.

Source: Compass Direct News
As in the days of Noah...

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