Saturday, August 9, 2008

INDIA:"Monkey Brigade "Activists Attack People at a Prayer Meeting

In Tumkur district, Karnataka State, a mob of 20 to 25 activists of the “monkey brigade” attacked 18 people gathering for a prayer meeting held in a house of a Christian.The radicals seriously injured pastor H.D Shivashankar and pastor Ramaiah, and three young men of the church, with everyone present being beaten with wooden clubs.The mob burned their Bibles right in front of them. According the report from James Varghese, the radicals later dragged the pastors and the members of the church to the nearest police station where a police officer threw insults and beat them.The pastor was put in prison on August 1, although the charges are unclear. When the church reported this incident to the State Minorities Commission, the Police Superintendent defended his men's actions and refused to file a complaint against the attackers.
Pray that God will heal the Christians and restore them to their health.
Pray for the immediate release of the pastors and his church members from this completely unjustified detention.
Pray that the attackers will be brought to justice and that God will change their hearts and open their blind eyes to receive the gospel.
As in the days of Noah...

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