Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hundreds Turn Out to Back Science Teacher Fired for Keeping Bible on His Desk

In this case,the only thing that disturbed me was the fact of the branding of crosses in the arms and foreheads of kids,which he said he did(only the arms).I saw him talking about this on a video when the case started.He explained then that it was during a lesson of science, where every year he uses to "tatoo-kinda"a cross or sometihng in his arm to illustrate the class.I cant remember exactly what it was all about.At any rate.IF his file was good for so many years and he did this class every year,WHY now there are some kids complaining?We know it is almost criminal to carry a Bible and worse to have it in your desk at a public school--if you are a techer.This is the state of things in our nation,where christian science teachers are no longer welcomed at public schools nation wide,just because they believe in the Bible.Any other thing he or she does is considered extra fuel in the fire that started with the complaints and ended up with his suspension....We are in the days in which christianism is gonna be outlawed in the US,while paganism and atheism is embraced gladly by the masses that have hardened their hearts and hate and fight any mention of God anywhere in the country,especially in the public arena...May God help us!!!!!!!!!!!

As in the days of Noah...

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not completely useless said...

This is a terrible report. It leaves out everything of importance. Get the facts at http://www.dispatch.com/wwwexportcontent/sites/dispatch/local_news/stories/2008/06/19/Freshwater.pdf