Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Somali Islamists Execute Christian Convert

Washington, D.C. (July 7, 2010)– International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that members of the Al-Qaeda linked Somali Islamist group, Al-Shabaab, publicly executed a Christian convert from Islam in the in Hudur district, Somalia on July 1st.Muhammad Guul Hashim Idiris, a Christian convert from Islam, was traveling by land from Kalafo, an Ethiopian border town, to visit his mother in Mogadishu.A fellow passenger recognized his Christian background and asked him if he thought the prophet Muhammad was a genuine messenger from God. Idiris responded by saying, “If I thought so, I would have believed in him instead of the Messiah.” Once they reached the Hudur district, a stronghold of the Al- Shabaab terror network, the Muslim man reported Idiris to Al-Shabaab and had him detained on June 27th. Idiris was accused of insulting the prophet Muhammad. It is a serious sin to consider Muhammad not to be a genuine prophet and it warrants the death penalty.Sheik Adan Yare, the Al-Shabab governor of the Bakol region, spoke to the press on July 1st and said, “ Our holy warriors have today, on July 1st at 11: 45 am, executed in front of angry Muslim witnesses a young man whose name was Muhammad Guul Hashim Idiris who insulted our beloved prophet.” The execution, which took place at a make-shift soccer stadium, was attended by hundreds of people, including school children who were forced to watch the execution.The martyr had been married since January 26th and is survived by his pregnant widow.Idiris’ paternal uncle and a Christian convert from Islam spoke to ICC from Addis Ababa, calling the Al-Shabaab execution “further evidence of Al-Shabaab’s attempt to eliminate Christianity from among Somali people in the Horn of Africa.”
Jonathan Racho, ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, said “We are deeply saddened by yet another execution of a Somali Christian. Al-Shabaab and Islamic extremist groups in Somalia have repeatedly vowed to wipe out Christians from Somalia. Al-Shabaab has murdered several Christians, chopped off the hands of Muslims suspected of crimes and even stoned Muslim women to death for allegedly committing adultery. The cruel and inhumane action of Al-Shabaab shows its complete disregard for human life.”

Eight Christians Killed in Nigerian Muslim Attacks

Washington, D.C. (July 6, 2010)– International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that this past weekend Muslims attacked Christian villages and killed at least eight Christians in Kaduna and Plateau States of northern Nigeria.On the night of July 3, several Muslims attacked Kizachi village in Kaduna State and killed five Christians, including a primary school teacher and mother of six children. The Muslims also burned down five Christian homes.Nigerian sources told ICC that the police had stopped protecting the village on July 2 after the government failed to pay their salaries.In the second attack, on the night of July 4, 200 Muslims armed with guns and machetes invaded Ganawuri community, near Jos. Three Christians are feared dead.A spokesperson of the Nigerian military’s Special Task Force (STF), Lt. Col. Kingsley Umoh, stated that the attackers were suspected herdsmen from neighboring communities of Kaduna State.According to Umoh, STF received a distress call which they responded to, and engaged in a fire fight with the attackers. One of the attackers received gunshot wounds and six were arrested. Those arrested have since been handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the state police command for further investigations.This latest violence came on the heels of a March 7 jihad attack against Christians in Jos in which over 500 mainly women and children were murdered. It is estimated that many more thousands of Christians have been killed in northern Nigeria since the introduction of Sharia law in 2001.Jonathan Racho, ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, said “We are outraged by the latest killings of Christians in northern Nigeria. Once again, Nigerian officials have failed to provide needed security for the citizens of Kaduna and Plateau States. We urge Nigerian authorities to quickly bring all the perpetrators of the attacks to justice and fully investigate the lapse in security.”

Testimonies of Moroccan Believers...

Sameer is a devoted Christian; recently when a Western couple was deported they gave Sameer their old laptop, empty of any information. A week later the Security Police came to Sameer's house and confiscated the computer, blindfolded him and took him to an undisclosed location. The police officers questioned him, "Why are you a Christian? What do you hold against Islam?” Sameer said that each time God gave him the right answers and helped him to stand strong through-out the torture. After three days the police allowed him to go saying, "We will monitor you."
Even though Sameer still suffers from anxiety, he wants continue to serve God by visiting local brothers and sisters, encouraging them.
Adel has been a Christian for many years; recently he was jailed for two days because he had evangelized among Muslims. Currently Adel is under surveillance from the Security Police and expects that he will be sent to jail again. Adel says, "I'm not afraid. In prison there are people who don't yet know about the gospel."
makes a living by producing leather covers for Bibles, bookmarks, and bags with Christian symbols. He also has a small shop where he distributes Bible CDs in the Berber language. In Morocco the distribution of Christian materials is dangerous, and on a regular basis, the Secret Police come to his shop to interrogate him or order him to go to the police station. According to Abdel the Moroccan churches still need much instruction and guidance in the Christian faith, and because most Berbers are illiterate, they are grateful for Christian CDs in their language.
PS:Would you remember to pray for these three brothers...?
Thank you....!!!
As in the days of Noah...

Christian Professor in Pakistan Beaten for Refusing to Convert

The morning of June 14th, upon exiting his house on campus, Professor Samuel John was attacked and beaten by a mob of 20 to 25 Muslim students. When his wife realized what was happening, she ran to help him, but the students beat her as well. Both John and his wife were rushed to the hospital, with his injuries listed as critical. John later reported the matter to the dean of the Peshawar University College, but the official was unable to take any action because the Islamic student council is supported by political parties and powerful Islamic groups.John, who is a father of four and has been teaching psychology for 12 years, has subsequently faced various forms of harassment from different Islamic student groups who have thrown stones at his home, sent threatening letters, and have threatened his family over the phone. “I am still getting threats,” the professor told Compass. “They say, ‘Leave the university or accept Islam if you don’t convert, we will kill your family”...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Indonesian Islamists eye proselytizing Christians:"Islamic youth militia held its first day of training..."

In this Tuesday, June 29, 2010 photo, an Indonesian Muslim woman reads a banner with a picture of a young, bespectacled Christian man and the words:"Death penalty for Andreas Dusly Sanau" in front of a mosque at Bekasi on the outskirts of Jakarta, Indonesia.
(AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim)
BEKASI, Indonesia – A banner with a picture of a young, bespectacled Christian man is draped in front of a mosque, a fiery noose around his neck and the words, "This man deserves the death penalty!"
Churches are shut down. And an Islamic youth militia held its first day of training.
Though the events all occurred less than nine miles (15 kilometers) from Indonesia's bustling capital, making headlines in local papers and dominating chats on social networking sites such as Facebook, they've sparked little public debate in the halls of power.
"I really see this as a threat to democracy," said Arbi Sanit, a political analyst, noting leaders never like to say anything that can be perceived as "un-Islamic," because they depend heavily on the support of Muslim parties in parliament."Being popular is more important to them than punishing those who are clearly breaking the law," Sanit said.
Indonesia, a secular nation with more Muslims than any other in the world, has a long history of religious tolerance, though a small extremist fringe has become more vocal in recent years. Members of the Islamic Defenders Front, or FPI, have been known to smash bars, attack transvestites and go after minority sects with bamboo clubs and stones.
Now, they are targeting Christians in the fast-growing industrial city of Bekasi....


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mosab Yousef's Testimony..

Dear Friends and Followers:
Many have said all sorts of things,regarding this man's testimony.Some in favor...some not...
I invite you to watch this special report(a total of 6 videos) and decide for yourself.
For those of us that have closely lived among muslims,we know that the peril of a horrible death is real in muslim countries,when you become a christian.That is reality for thousands of our brothers and sisters living in the muslim world.
I rejoice in the braveness of this young man of coming out of darkness and sharing his testimony with all that want to hear.
My prayers go out to heaven on behalf of him and the family and friends he left behind.
There is nothing impossible with God....!
As in the days of Noah...
In January of 2009, the Fox News Channel ran an hour-long special on Mosab Yousef entitled: Escape From Hamas.
Steven Drake posted the Special in six parts on You Tube. Here they are…

--PART 2

--PART 3

--PART 4

--PART 5

--PART 6

--Mosab Yousef's Blog:SON of HAMAS


Good News! Mosab Yousef Can Stay in America:Judge agrees to grant him asylum after government drops its objection to him staying

(San Diego)—Mosab Hassan Yousef, author of the best-selling, "Son of Hamas" has won the right to stay in the Unites States after a huge campaign by both Christians and Jews had called for him to be granted U.S. asylum.With his friends in court to support him, Yousef got the news during a 15-minute deportation hearing today (Wednesday, June 30, 2010,) in San Diego, California, after a U.S. Department of Homeland Security attorney said the government was dropping its objections.
Yousef is the eldest son of Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, and became a Christian some time back after being given a Gospel tract in Jerusalem by a London taxi driver who was on vacation in the Holy Land.After his conversion, he later became a spy for Israel's Shin Bet agency and their leadership had praised his courage.
The battle to keep Yousef in American began when the DHS denied his asylum request in February 2009, claiming that he had been involved in terrorism and was a threat to the United States.Among his supporters is former CIA director James Woolsey who had had told reporters at a recent Capitol Hill dinner to honor Mosab and others, "My view is that the decision to deny him political refugee status was incredibly idiotic. It's hard to think of a worse immigration decision in history. It's fundamentally nuts."In the surprise turnaround, Attorney Kerri Calcador gave no explanation for the government's change of heart, but those close to the case believe it was because so many people had spoken up the Yousef, pointing out the weakness in their case, and also because they believed he would be assassinated if he was returned to the Middle East.
The immigration judge, Rico Bartolomei said that Yousef will be allowed to remain in the United States after a routine background check and also that he is fingerprinted. "I will keep fighting the ideology that is behind terrorists because I know how they think," he told reporters outside the courtroom.
By Dan Wooding(BCN)
Source: Mosab Yousef's website
--'Son of Hamas' wins asylum in US