Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Testimonies of Moroccan Believers...

Sameer is a devoted Christian; recently when a Western couple was deported they gave Sameer their old laptop, empty of any information. A week later the Security Police came to Sameer's house and confiscated the computer, blindfolded him and took him to an undisclosed location. The police officers questioned him, "Why are you a Christian? What do you hold against Islam?” Sameer said that each time God gave him the right answers and helped him to stand strong through-out the torture. After three days the police allowed him to go saying, "We will monitor you."
Even though Sameer still suffers from anxiety, he wants continue to serve God by visiting local brothers and sisters, encouraging them.
Adel has been a Christian for many years; recently he was jailed for two days because he had evangelized among Muslims. Currently Adel is under surveillance from the Security Police and expects that he will be sent to jail again. Adel says, "I'm not afraid. In prison there are people who don't yet know about the gospel."
makes a living by producing leather covers for Bibles, bookmarks, and bags with Christian symbols. He also has a small shop where he distributes Bible CDs in the Berber language. In Morocco the distribution of Christian materials is dangerous, and on a regular basis, the Secret Police come to his shop to interrogate him or order him to go to the police station. According to Abdel the Moroccan churches still need much instruction and guidance in the Christian faith, and because most Berbers are illiterate, they are grateful for Christian CDs in their language.
PS:Would you remember to pray for these three brothers...?
Thank you....!!!
As in the days of Noah...

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