Monday, June 28, 2010


I thought today would be the day to write you all in a way I haven't done before.
First of all I want to thank all of my followers.Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for visiting and wanting to be part of this blog.God Bless You for your interest on our brothers and sisters that suffer daily for their faith.God will reward ya'll...!
As you can see I have been innactive for a while.There is a reason that I would like to share with you,since you are part of this blog.
Last year on March 21st my pastor Gary Norris at age 46,passed away after a short battle with cancer.That literally devastated my life,and broke my heart.He was to us more than a pastor...he was a friend and believed in the ministry the Lord had commanded us as a family.We shed many,many tears,because after many fastings and prayers,he was gone.I will never forget him.We will never forget him.
Why do I tell you all this...?
Because Bro.Norris was my biggest inspiration to start this blog.We would sit and talk sometimes about the persecuted church and he had such a genuine burden for them...We would pray for them at church,I had a weekly updated prayer bulletin at church for the persecuted church,he would offer materials,anything I needed to make this blog and the prayer bulletin known to whomever has a burden for them.
When he died many things inside me died and were gone with him.It was a hard effort for me to keep up with this blog,cause everytime I logged on,I remember how he used to cheer me to keep on going,even though I faced lack of interest from our own congregation in the matter... He used to tell me not to give up,that there were those that would be truly interested and would help me pray,and give and would get involved in this ministry.He knew it was God's Will for me to continue on with this endeavour.
The mourning is still going on in my heart,even though life seems to go on.Bro Norris' death was a big stop for me to continue on this blog.
May be you that are reading cannot quite understand why I would feel that way,may be you have lost a loved one and understand...Either way all I can tell you is that I was overcome with sorrow,deep sorrow.These last 5 years I've lost so many close loved ones that every funeral seems a little more difficult for me than the previous one.
Many things changed since his death:there is a new church we're attending and Praise God my new pastor is interested in praying for the Persecuted so I restarted my weekly prayer bulletins and from little to old,everybody gets a copy and share it with their children,and families and pray and are getting involved in serving the Persecuted.God has blessed me.
I've been struggling with some health issues too and that slowed me down a lot.
But it's time for me to wipe the tears and continue with this ministry--with God's help--in the form of daily updates,because of those that need our prayers,help and involvement and because also persecution is increasing everywhere at an alarming rate.
I know it is His Will for me to do this and to let people know everywhere about the sufferings that many of our brothers and sisters are living daily.
I found out that there is a lack of information in many churches in different countries,and when I start talking about the issue they get interested right away and beg me for info--even-- in other languages.Up to this point I should need at least a staff of 3 or 4 to translate all the info I have and post it....!
But for now it's in english.If any would like this info in a different language or has info that wanted me to include in my posts,you can always email it to me.Go to my personal info section and you'll find it.
I appreciate each one of you and want to thank you again for your support.
I would appreciate also your prayers for this blog and for my health.
Keep coming back and recommend this blog if it has blessed you.
In Jesus
As in the days of Noah....

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