Monday, June 28, 2010

Moroccan Christians Targeted on Facebook

Muslim extremists in Morocco are now using the social networking site Facebook to expose and vilify Christians. Sadly, they are using images and derogatory tags such as “hyena evangelists” or “wolves in lamb’s skins” that are trying to “shake the faith of Muslims.” Dozens of Christians have been called to police stations for interrogation, many of them verbally abused and threatened with jail or death.
Most Moroccan Christians that spoke to Compass News said their Muslim relatives’ attitudes had shifted, and many were kicked out of their homes or chose to leave “to not create problems” for their families.
Efforts against national Christians have been gaining momentum in Morocco. Abdel Adghirni, a Moroccan lawyer, said that “The government is trying to dominate.” Since March, the government has expelled more than 100 foreign Christians for alleged “proselytizing.” Adghirni added that he believes Morocco cannot survive and develop economically without national diversity saying that, “We can’t be free without Christians. The existence of Christians among us is the proof of liberty.” But, amid a media campaign to condemn Christians in Morocco, more than 7,000 Muslim clerics signed a statement denouncing all Christian activities and calling foreign Christians’ aid work “religious terrorism”...

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