Thursday, August 7, 2008

Radio ministry launches strategic Olympic outreach

China-China is going all out in its opulent display of the Olympic Games.Far East Broadcasting Company's Gregg Harris says the enthusiasm carries over to what their team is doing through especially themed programs.FEBC currently airs more than 40 hours a day of special programs related to the Olympics.He explains that,"These programs for the Olympics are really designed to sort of draw listeners into the larger FEBC program so that they can hear not only these programs that are very interesting to them, so they're not specifically evangelistic, but then they'll want to stay tuned and listen to the evangelistic programs.We sure hope they find Christ like so many thousands already have."The team is working around Surmounting Summits, which concerns not only the challenges of athletes, but also spiritual struggles.Among the programs, is a radio drama, Pure Gold.It's the biography of missionary Eric Liddell, the 1924 Olympic champion of the 400-meter dash.Another program, Never Mediocre will be aired live from FEBC transmitters in the Philippines.Christian athletes, such as Chinese tennis champion Michael Cheng, are among the featured guests.Harris says the government has forbidden foreign evangelism during the Games.FEBC did send a team to Beijing, and the security measures designed to protect both athletes and tourists will make their work challenging.However,he notes that,"We have always maintained a very positive relationship with the government.That's what allows us to broadcast so many hours a day of Christian programming without being jammed. We really try to comply with the government regulations so that we can have the long term opportunity to broadcast the Gospel to China."FEBC has also created a special section on their popular Liangyou website to attract Chinese students and web-surfers in mainland China.Producing and airing these broadcasts in the midst of millions of spectators is a colossal undertaking. The effort could use both prayer and funding.
--Please pray that God will use these broadcasts to strengthen believers throughout China, and draw many listeners to Himself.
--Pray too for the staff, for health and strength as they work long hours to cover the events.
As in the days of Noah...

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