Sunday, August 17, 2008

North Korean Defector Jin-Hae Jo on Hunger Strike Ouside Chinese Embassy in Washington DC

The North Korean Freedom Coalition reports that North Korean defector, Jin-Hae Jo is currently on a hunger strike outside the Chinese Embassy in Washington D. C. to protest the Chinese policy on repatriation of North Korean refugees, many of whom are Christians.North Koreans continue to leave their country and often defect to China as the two countries share a long common border. Because of what China believes will be a negative influence on this year’s Olympics, they have stepped up the rounding up and repatriation of North Korean refugees.This week is Jin-Hae’s second week of her hunger strike. She met with President George Bush on July 24th to ask him to pursue a policy of religious freedom, and to pressure the Chinese government to stop returning refugees back to North Korea where they face undue hardships and/or even death. Jin-Hae also wrote a letter to the Chinese government expressing her concerns.
Pray for Jin-Hae Jo in her pursuit of freeing the many North Korean refugees, many of whom are Christian, and wish to enjoy the freedom to worship as they choose.
Pray for North Korea, that God will work a miracle and send a spiritual awakening to the land.
Pray that the United States will do whatever it can to pressure the Chinese to stop their repatriation of North Korean refugees.

As in the days of Noah...

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