Saturday, March 1, 2008

Persecution in Chad....

Compass Direct reports that a long-time and faithful believer is still under much pressure from family members for converting to Christianity in December 1995. Since his conversion, Jeje Nehamiah Baki has had his wife taken by his in-laws; his first son killed by poisoning; and after having threats on his own life, decided to leave his father-in-laws house, without his wife.Baki shares how that many divine occurrences and assurances of Jesus Christ has sustained him all of this time. From being an illiterate nomad to becoming a health assistant in a Christian clinic Baki still boldly announces of his continued faith in Jesus Christ stating that “trials and sufferings should not discourage anyone from following Jesus Christ.”
*Pray that the Lord will open the door to allow Baki’s wife and other son to be reunited with him.
*Pray that God will move in Chad and others will find Jesus Christ.
*Pray for continued encouragement and strength for Jeje Nehemiah Baki, and for all of the Muslim background believers in Chad and elsewhere.

As in the days of Noah....

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