Saturday, March 1, 2008

Letter From a Christian Brother in Pakistan.....

Dear Praying Friends,
The tragedy of Ms Bhutto’s assassination is a
strong signal of the extremist elements who not
only want to silence the voice of democracy but
want to hold our country hostage to a Taliban
type rule, stifling all freedom-- religious and
Please join us in prayer, focusing especially
on the following:
• Please pray for us that in the midst of all
this we would be light and salt and would be
Christ-like, always.
• For President Musharraf. Pray God will
protect him and give him wisdom and that
he will lead this nation in the way God so
desires. Pray for his family and those who
work with him.
• Pray for Ms Bhutto’s family and that the
Lord would give them strength and comfort for
their loss. Pray for those Christians around
them who can be a witness at this time when
the children mourn the death of their mother.
• Pray for this election to be free from
any further violence and unrest and for an
environment that encourages free and fair
elections on February 18, 2008.
• Minorities (Christians being the largest of
those) who are participating along with the
majority in choosing Parliament. Please pray
for God to give us wisdom in our use of the
vote and in the choice we make. It is not an
easy choice but we love our country and want
only to be guided by Him.
• Pray for the families of those who have
been either injured or killed in the spate
of violence which has affected Karachi and
Islamabad. Sadly for the first time, even
Lahore has been attacked and many innocent
families have been affected. May they know
the Lord’s healing. May also the Christian
presence at this time be a comfort to those
who mourn and a praying presence in the
• Pray for the availability of flour and
other edibles. The food crisis has hit the
region and as always it is the poor who are
suffering most.
• There is constant trouble with power cuts
and low gas supplies which are affecting
the efficiency of work. Pray for safety of
Know also that in spite of the difficulties
we have in our country, we continue to remember
you, our precious family before the Lord. Thank
you for being part of our lives and for the way
in which you support us. You are precious to us
and our prayer for you this year is that the
Lord may bless you and make His face to shine
upon you and that the Lord may you speak to you
clearly through the year and use you for the
extension of His Kingdom. May He draw us closer
to one another through our love for Him and the
ongoing work of the Cross and Resurrection.
Many blessings,
Your brother in Christ
As in the days of Noah....

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