Sunday, March 16, 2008

Librarian sues OSU to get his job back:University hostile to Christian views, lawsuit claims

A former Ohio State University librarian accused of sexual harassment after recommending a conservative book for freshmen has filed a lawsuit against the university and some of its faculty.
Scott Savage, who said he resigned because of personal and professional attacks on his character, asks for his job back and for OSU to be forced to change its sexual-harassment policies.OSU is "an aggressive proponent of the homosexual lifestyle by virtue of its practices and policies," Savage says in the lawsuit, filed in federal court because he says his civil rights were violated."OSU is therefore a naturally hostile environment to the expression of traditional Christian beliefs and morality."In 2006, Savage agreed to serve on a committee to determine required reading for incoming freshmen at the Mansfield campus.Savage said the books considered by the committee were too liberal and suggested The Marketing of Evil by David Kupelian.Professors James F. Buckley and Norman W. Jones filed a sexual-harassment complaint against Savage, saying he was homophobic for suggesting the book. The complaint was dismissed as unfounded.Because he continued to be harassed, Savage said, he was forced to resign.The suit says he is a devout Christian, married for 18 years and the father of eight. It says he has struggled to find library work since leaving OSU.OSU spokesman Jim Lynch declined to comment.
As in the days of Noah....

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