Thursday, March 13, 2008

Evangelist found guilty of 'disorderly conduct' for street preaching in 'Witch City'

Philadelphia-based street preacher Michael Marcavage has been found guilty of disorderly conduct for proclaiming the gospel in Salem, Massachusetts.Marcavage is president of Repent America, a ministry that calls America back to its Christian roots. On Halloween night last year, Marcavage was street preaching in Salem, a community also known as "Witch City." Marcavage was eventually arrested after police charged him with using an amplified megaphone to preach. The charge was later dropped, after lawyers argued that he was arrested before 10:00 p.m.-the hour when the noise ordinance takes effect.However, the Christian activist was found guilty of disorderly conduct.Ben DuPre, an attorney with the Foundation for Moral Law,which represents Marcavage, says the verdict will be appealed."If they were out there promoting the virtues of Halloween and Satanism, it may have fit with the theme of the night and have been more welcome,"argues DuPre."But just because it is an unpopular message of the gospel of Jesus Christ does not make it illegal.In fact, that's the kind of speech the federal and state constitutions were meant to protect-unpopular speech." DuPre points out that police turned a blind eye to lewd behavior from many on the streets of Salem and instead focused on Marcavage's speech, which some in the boisterous crowd apparently found offensive.According to DuPre, people accused Marcavage of shoving literature in their faces and waving a crucifix-an item Marcavage does not possess.The Foundation for Moral Law was started by former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.

As in the days of Noah....

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