Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Open Doors Delivers Children’s Bibles to Remote Nigerian Village

Open Doors traveled through rough terrain and undistinguishable roads to deliver children’s Bibles to Yantamma village in Nigeria.Illustrated Bibles were distributed to 144 children in this predominantly Muslim area, which is governed by sharia law.While the local Nigerian Christians were encouraged by the delivery of the children’s Bibles, Open Doors representatives were deeply touched by the physical circumstances of these people.These Christians are considered second-class citizens and are often tempted to convert to Islam. “We are convinced that the government refuses to develop our area because we are Christians,” shared a Christian from Yantamma with Open Doors representatives.”The former governor of the state came here and brought a lot of money, cloth and other material benefits to us on the condition that we become Muslims.There is poverty here and that was a real temptation, but we declined, knowing that it is better for us to remain poor and cling to our faith...If the governor will help us as Christians,we will appreciate it.He then told us that we should ask our Christian people to come and help us.That is why we see your visit here as a God send.” The ministry of Open Doors aims to strengthen the suffering body of Christ by distributing the living Word of God. Open Doors plans to distribute 4,500 children’s Bibles before the end of 2008. View more testimonies of believers who received Bibles in Nigeria, or send funds to distribute Bibles where needed most.
Prayer Points:
--Pray for the attacks against majority-Christian villages in the Phillipines to cease.
--Pray for the 500 Christians who live in Yantamma as minority Christians to remain strong in faith despite the government’s efforts to dissuade them.
--Pray for Open Doors to successfully meet its goal of distributing 4,500 children’s Bibles before the end of the year.
Thank God for the help that many Christians worldwide are able to receive through Open Doors and other organizations committed to strengthening God’s kingdom....!!!
PS:I highly recommend to go to the links above and try an help our dear brothers and sisters and their children in this part of Nigeria.The Lord will reward you richly....!!!!
As in the days of Noah....

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