Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Are you willing to help the young victims of Communist China?

Recently, ChinaAid and The Voice of the Martyrs launched the Olympic Prayer Band campaign and a subsequent petition drive protesting the kidnapping of Pastor Bike, his wife and co-worker by Chinese police. ChinaAid wishes to thank all those who took part in both of these successful campaigns.One reason Pastor Bike has been targeted by the Communists is because of his work caring for orphans. One precious child he is helping is 11-year-old "Anna." This young girl's life is full of trials. But her heart is full of faith. You can read her incredible story here.ChinaAid reaches out to those like Anna who may suffer as children of pastors or as children of parents who speak out against human rights abuses or even suffer from China's cruel One-Child Policy (as Anna has). ChinaAid provides them with basic necessities such as food, a warm winter coat, a safe place to live and a chance to go to school.Many more children like Anna need our support. Your gift to ChinaAid will ensure that we can continue reaching out to the young victims of China's communists. Follow the link below to learn more.
Bob Fu - Founder & President ChinaAid
"We are honored to be co-workers with Bob Fu and highly recommend the work of ChinaAid. Together we can make a difference in communist China."
Dr. Tom White, The Voice of the Martyrs
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