Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Congressional Leaders Issue Letter to Secretary of State, Condeleeza Rice Urging Advocation for Zhang Family

Washington DC- In response to the recent abuses committed by the Chinese Government against Zhang Mingxuan, the President of the 250,000 member “Chinese House Church Alliance”, two Congressional Leaders: Congressman Frank R. Wolf (R-VA) and Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) have co-written a letter to Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice urging the Cabinet member to request urgent action from the Chinese Government to free Zhang Mingxuan from his detention and to rectify the personal damages inflicted upon his family. In July of 2008, both Congressmen had the opportunity to personally meet with Zhang Mingxuan and his wife in Beijing, despite Chinese Government interdiction. During the meeting Zhang was able to personally share with the Congressmen the daily struggles and abuses he and fellow Christians face on a daily basis from the Communist Party of China.The letter also calls upon the American Government and the Bush Administration to not ignore the reprehensible acts of the Chinese Govnernment. The letter admonishes the adminstration to bring International attention to the situation by publicly calling on the Chinese Government to release Zhang Minguxuan and his family members. Furthermore, the letter directly confronts the Chinese Government of its hypocritical stance in international affairs by stating: “If the 2008 Beijing Olympics have taught us anything, it is that the Chinese government will go to any length to secure their image as a peaceful and harmonious society when the world is watching.”Through advocation for Zhang and his family the Current Adminstration will have the chance to publicly condone the daily human rights violations perpetrated by the Corrupt Communist Chinese Regime, and stand in unity with the persecuted citizens in China as both seek opportunities to advance freedom and democracy throughout the World.
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