Sunday, November 2, 2008

ELECTIONS USA:Urgent Call To Prayer

Dear Friends:
Countries around the world go through changes politically that have an impact on Christians and their religious freedom. We've told you about legislation in Australia and Canada that's restricted religious freedom. MNN has also told you about changes in leadership that's affected religious freedom.Some of those stories have hit close to home, but never as close as it is has this year.If you live in the United States,I'd like to encourage you to go to our website Monday http://www.mnnonline.organd/
and read our top story. While we aren't endorsing any candidate in the U-S elections this year, we are providing you sobering information that you may be able to use as you go to the polls on Tuesday.
Tuesday's presidential and legislative elections results could have an impact Christian radio as we know it, public education and even evangelism.
If you don't live in the United States, please be in prayer for the U-S elections.
Greg Yoder, Anchor & Executive Director
Mission Network News
As in the days of Noah....

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