Friday, February 29, 2008

Unprecedented response to India's Godman showing

India-As persecution against Christians began over Christmas, an unprecedented event took place. Book of Hope International's Godman, the 3D animated film on the life of Christ, was shown on national television.The results of this showing are staggering, says Book of Hope's Executive Director Rob Hoskins.Already they've received more than a half million letters from people who have responded to the movie. Hoskins says that response is a direct result of pre-trained national believers. "Before the broadcast even took place, we had trained 203,632 volunteers," Hoskins says. "So far, we've had over 3,405,000 people that have watched the movie, and we've had literally hundreds of thousands of people who have accepted Christ."Those numbers represent only those who watched in Christians' homes.Nielson ratings are expected to be releaseed later this week.That will give specific information about the number of actual views to Godman.Hoskins believes this is just the beginning."I believe in the next 10 to 20 years we will see a move of Christ in India that will astound us-literally by the millions and tens of millions of people that are going to come to Christ in India over the next several years."Persecution of Christians has increased over the years, and Hoskins says he expects to see it increase even more. "I think the fundamentalists in India want to continue to prevent people from having freedom of religion and choosing their god. And as the church grows, I think the minority fundamentalists in that country are going to try to prevent them from accepting them as Lord and Savior," says Hoskins.With the incredible response comes incredible responsibility.Hoskins says Books of Hope, Bibles and other discipleship tools are needed."We have tremendous needs, and I think that's the job of the western church-to provide resources for churches like the India church that are just growing in just unprecedented ways."Failure to provide these resources could be devastating. Hoskins says we don't want to see "spiritual abortion" take place. That means "you give birth to something and you don't feed that new child. And so what we're needing to do is plant the Word of God and ensure that Scripture engagement takes place."According to Hoskins, it's more critical in India than anywhere else because of Hinduism. "All gods are equal, and there are thousands of them. We don't want Jesus just to be another god that you accept. We want Scripture engagement to take place for those children and their parents to understand that Jesus is the one, the only true Lord." However, that takes time and good resources.
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As in the days of Noah....

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