Friday, February 22, 2008

Mission Aviation Fellowship still flying in Kenya -- despite unrest

Workers with Mission Aviation Fellowship are still involved in rescue operations throughout Kenya, as the violence continues in the aftermath of December's contested presidential elections. Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) workers have evacuated people on all sides of the conflict, which has claimed the lives of hundreds of people. Fran Derocher, director of operations in Africa for MAF, describes the situation as tense-as negotiations continue in an effort to end the unrest. Derocher says much of the fighting has pitted tribes against each other. However, he says Christians in Kenya have been able to help both sides."It has been a real blessing to watch. We had so many clothes that were brought to our church that we actually had to give them away to other groups that needed them," he reports."...It has just been a tremendous blessing to watch the believers respond in a way that I haven't seen." MAF provides aviation services in Kenya, as well as information technology and logistics services to Kenya, Sudan, and Somalia.
As in the days of Noah....

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