Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pakistani pastor murdered by gunman

NASHVILLE, Tenn.-A masked gunman murdered a pastor Jan. 17 in Peshawar, capital of Pakistan's North West Frontier province. Sajid William, 29, worked as an office manager for "Shelter Now," a Christian relief and development agency. He reportedly was accosted on the street while on his way home, according to the human rights organization International Christian Concern. The pastor was shot three times in the chest, and the gunman then used William's cell phone to call the victim's family and tell them he had murdered him."We believe William was murdered for his faith," another pastor told ICC. Police authorities opened an investigation into the murder only after William's family registered a complaint. Officers took possession of the cell phone and William's laptop as evidence. During 2007, Christians in several parts of the province received threats to "embrace Islam or die," according to ICC.In Pakistan, Shelter Now operates a fish farm and is working to rebuild 105 schools ruined during a 2005 earthquake. The agency also provides clothes, shelter and food for refugees.

As in the days of Noah....

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