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Update:ChinaAid Christmas Care Packs Field Report

CHINA – December 2008, ChinaAid Association together with The Voice of the Martyrs – Canada partnered with house church leaders to distribute 2,500 Christmas Care Packs for Chinese children. Each child received a school backpack filled with items such as school supplies, candy, socks or mittens and a Bible storybook.
Every year during the week of Christmas, Christians across China experience increased persecution.In 2008, ChinaAid contacts reported 44 Christians arrested and many house churches and homes raided.
ChinaAid thanks all who supported this project to bless China’s children during Christmas. ChinaAid received the following field report from house church leaders about the Christmas Care Pack distribution:
"Local house church Christians had the privilege of distributing the ChinaAid-The Voice of the Martyrs Canada Christmas Care packs to ethnic minority children in Inner Mongolia. Twenty house church Christians requested to hand the gifts to the children at a Christmas party on December 21. On December 20, more than 2,200 Christmas Care Packs were delivered to the house church. A special truck was rented to transport the gifts and the distribution teams to several cities.
In Xinjiang, an elder in the house church, prayed over the gifts, touching them with his hands. He said,
“These gifts came from North America, as if sent by neighbors. Remember our Lord loves the Chinese. Thank You, Lord, thank You for our American and Canadian brothers and sisters. You commanded us to love our neighbor, as we love ourselves.”
Some of the children live on a mountain in Guizhou province. They had never seen such a beautiful book bag and such wonderful Christmas presents. They rejoiced, jumping up and down. They cheered and sang loudly, “Hallelujah, praise to the Lord!”
At another distribution point on the Yunnan borders, there are many ethnic minority villages. More than 90% of these villagers are Christians. They love the Lord very much, though they live in stark poverty. The pastor had to send their gifts by donkey. When the gifts arrived, the teachers and the children went to welcome the “donkey train” at the entrance of the village 10 miles away. When the parents saw their children holding new book bags, they said
, “Thank You, Heavenly Father, thanks to our Lord!” The children, responded, “Thank you American and Canadian Christian uncles and aunts; we welcome you to visit us in Yunnan.”
Another group of believers, the Zhejiang house church, sent the gifts with five of their missionaries. They rented a truck, loaded the Christmas Care packs, and drove to Sichuan province. In this earthquake-stricken area, the missionaries invited the orphans to come to receive a Christmas Care pack. The children responded with grateful tears. The missionaries admonished the children saying, “Be sure to live with our Lord and grow up in Him, like the uncles and aunts in North America, to help others and become a blessing of Jesus.”
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PS:I praise the Lord for these wonderful news coming from as far as Inner Mongolia....!
Please keep these precious christian communities in your prayers....!
Also visit the China Aid website and see how you can get involved and help....!!!
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