Thursday, May 21, 2009

SRI LANKA (Compass Direct News):"Buddhist Mobs Attack Churches"

Buddhist mobs attacked several churches in Sri Lanka last week, threatening to kill a pastor in the southern province of Hambanthota and ransacking a 150-year-old Methodist church building in the capital. The pastor, Pradeep Kumara, has said that Buddhist extremists have come to his home and threatened him in person, as well as calling him. They are threatening to kill him if he does not leave the village. The 150-year-old Pepiliyana Methodist Church was completely emptied. The theft of items that had no monetary value, but great personal value, such as baptism and marriage records, are leading local police to believe that robbery was not the motive. Full Story.
--Pray for the safety of Pradeep Kumara and his family.
--Pray that the police are able to aprehend the individuals who robbed the church.
--Pray for the Buddhists who are persecuting Sri Lankan Christians.

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