Thursday, May 7, 2009

IRAN:Pray for Mohsen and Feresthe

When the Iranian secret police arrested Brother Mohsen, they made their intentions clear. First and foremost, they wanted to punish him for his “apostasy” by leaving Islam to follow Jesus Christ. But this was not their only aim. They also wanted to force Mohsen to divulge the names of his contacts, to tell them about his network, and to disclose the names of the others he was ministering to.But Mohsen stood firm. Angered by his silence, the secret police resorted to torture. But still Mohsen refused.Angered by his silence, the secret police resorted to speak.The torture continued until Mohsen was so ill that he was granted bail in order to receive medical treatment. Some of his teeth were broken. His spinal cord was damaged and his face injured.Knowing that the secret police would quickly return to take Mohsen back into custody, he and his wife Feresthe seized the opportunity to escape.They managed to leave Iran and sought refuge in Turkey.Now, several months later, Mohsen and Feresthe, along with their 12-year-old son, are waiting to hear the result of their United Nations asylum application.They greatly value your prayers for the outcome—to return to Iran would mean certain imprisonment and possible execution. Meanwhile, Mohsen and Feresthe are seeking to serve the Lord in their new town. Each week they meet with a small group of Iranian believers also seeking refuge in Turkey.

Please pray that the Lord will encourage and uphold each of them, and that He will provide for the families’ practical and financial needs.
PS:Continue to pray for this family and the many iranians seeking asylum and the persecuted believers in Turkey.To know more about this and other cases,you can always visit the Open Doors website at:
As in the days of Noah...

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