Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brother Sani says, "I cannot thank you enough... God has used you mightily!":Your prayers are answered as Nigerian Christian is freed from jail

When a Nigerian court sentenced him to three years in jail back in late 2007, Brother Sani cried out to God for help. And thankfully, the Lord heard his cry. Today, having served less than half his sentence, Sani is a free man!Sentenced on blasphemy charges, and without the right to appeal, Sani’s legal situation was bleak at the outset. Open Doors intervened and quickly hired a lawyer for Sani. Despite many challenges and threats during the legal proceedings, our lawyer held his ground and fought tirelessly for Sani’s freedom. His perseverance paid off. Finally, the judge had no option but to release Sani on the grounds of lack of evidence. “I cannot thank you enough,” exclaims Sani. “I never thought I would be out of prison by now. But God has used you mightily to fight on my behalf. No one but you came to help me. Thank you!”But it’s not only our legal support for which Sani thanks God. He and his family have been overwhelmed by the love and concern of Open Doors supporters around the world, expressed in prayers and letters of encouragement.“I think God loves me most by giving me these people to pray for me. There is such unity in the Body of Christ! I don’t know these people, but my God knows them all—and He will bless them!”Brother I, a local Open Doors co-worker, visited Sani soon after his release. “I could see in Sani how the prayers of believers around the world were at work,” I says. “Sani is full of life and zealous to keep walking with the Lord after his experience.”What a joy to see how the Lord has been at work in sustaining and strengthening Sani during his time in prison, and has brought about his miraculous release.
Thank you for praying..!
PS:Oh My God....!Look at his face.....! and all those letters....!PRAISE GOD he IS FREE....!!!!!Continue to pray for him,for his safety,protection and provision....!!!
As in the days of Noah...

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