Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ministry fined for firing homosexual employee

Canadian ministry Christian Horizons has been fined more than $23,000 for firing an employee who was actively engaged in a homosexual relationship.Christian Horizons is an evangelical ministry in Ontario that has cared for more than 1,400 people with developmental disabilities in 180 group homes.The group requires all employees to sign a contract agreeing to abstain from all sexual immorality, including homosexuality.When Christian Horizons fired a female employee who became involved with another woman, she complained to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, which fined the ministry $23,000 and two years back pay. Jordan Lorence with the Alliance Defense Fund believes the homosexual agenda will continue to persecute the Christian agenda as it gains power. He labels the Canada situation "a very significant threat to religious liberty." In addition, contends the attorney, it is another example that "whether you're in Europe or Canada or the United States, when the homosexual activists gain control with their legislation, they show an increasingly authoritarian core to beat down any Christian or traditional-type opposition to their same-sex relationships and conduct."The tribunal, according to Lorence, also ordered the ministry to stop using the "no immorality"contract and to make its managers undergo training to force acceptance of homosexuality.He warns what that portends for the United States. "We're going to see this even worse across the country if the federal ENDA [Employment Non-Discrimination Act] legislation passes.Then-instead of just having 20 states that have this kind of legislation, plus a number of cities and counties-it would be basically all 50 states,"he laments."Everywhere would have this kind of legislation that could be used as a hammer against people of faith who basically believe that marriage consists of one man and one woman,"Lorence points out.The ADF attorney says there is one difference between Canada and the U.S. in this arena. He believes the U.S. is "better prepared to fight off this assault on our religious liberties." Christian Horizons can legally appeal the tribunal's decision to the Canadian courts. But the fact that Canada does not have what Lorence describes as "a deeply ingrained historic tradition of freedom of speech and religious liberties" does not bode well for the ministry, he believes.

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