Saturday, May 31, 2008

The church in Algeria is under attack and needs our support!

The church in Algeria is under attack and needs our support!
In March 2006, a new law governing non-Muslim places of worship was enacted and is threatening the very existence of Algerian churches.Since November 2007, 26 of the 52 known churches and Christian meeting groups have been ordered to close.
Please send an email to Algerian Ambassador Kherbi, on their behalf.
Algeria’s official state religion is Islam, and religious minorities like Christianity are seen as a threat to the government’s internal affairs. Anyone found trying to convert a Muslim to Christianity can receive a sentence of two to five years imprisonment and given a fine up to $15,800. Christianity has been compared to terrorism, and Muslim schools and mosques have been encouraged to continue the attack that threatens to drive the Christian community in Algeria underground.
Please email Ambassador Kherbi today, asking him to stop the closure of churches and to reopen those that have already been closed. We need to tell the Algerian government that these church closures must stop, and that freedom for all religions must be respected.
As in the days of Noah...

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