Thursday, May 1, 2008

Aiding families of persecuted Christians

Todd Nettleton, a spokesman with Voice of the Martyrs, says the recent murder of a former Muslim who converted to Christianity is another example of the true nature of Islam. Recently Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) heard about the plight of a Christian national in Iraq named Muhammad.When Muhammad first converted to Christianity, he told only his wife, son, and another Christian friend. Muhammad later witnessed to his extended family, and he was murdered at the hands of his family members, according to the teachings of Islam. Spokesman Nettleton says those coming to Christ in a Muslim nation are aware of the risks. "This man obviously paid the ultimate price. Now he leaves behind a wife and young son who are also believers, who are also paying a price. They're paying a price in their grief and in their loss, and now they're trying to continue living for Christ, even as they interact with family members who martyred Muhammad," Nettleton points out. The Oklahoma-based ministry is assisting Muhammad's widow and son through the ministry's Families of Martyrs Fund as they often provide assistance and support to family members around the world who have had loved ones martyred for their faith in Christ. Nettleton says the support fills many needs for family members of persecuted believers."We're able to provide a little bit of financial assistance. But more importantly, I think, than the financial assistance is the encouragement that comes with it...and the idea that these sisters and brothers are not forgotten-they are not being ignored by their Christian family around the world. In fact, not only do we remember them, but we come and provide practical assistance and practical help to them as they go through these times of loss and these times of need," Nettleton contends. Nettleton points out that Islam teaches its followers to either kill or disown relatives who convert to Christianity.
As in the days of Noah...

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