Monday, May 5, 2008

Church fills with faith despite word of threat

The threat of violence Sunday was no match for the company of the Lord at Bear Valley Church, said Marty Klair, a 30-year congregant.Parking lots overflowed as 900 worshipers ambled with three Lakewood police cruisers nearby.A day earlier, the church warned members of a threat by a guy known only as Sid, who reportedly boasted at a local bar of his planned attack.No threats at Bear Valley, one of the metro region's largest churches, or any other Lakewood churches were detected by stepped-up patrols and volunteer security at about a dozen churches, police said.Pastor Jim Walters had no regrets about raising concerns after his associate pastor, Chris Little, received an anonymous call about the threat."We felt like we needed to give them the information and let them make the choice" about whether to attend services Sunday, Walters said.The church has volunteer security from members who are in law enforcement or the military, he said.Steve Gregory drives 85 miles each way every week to worship at Bear Valley. He has "proudly" attended weekly services there for 30 years, he said."Let's put it this way, there are threats everywhere in life," he said. "But in this house, we've got God on our side."
As in the days of Noah...

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