Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Undercover Hi-Tech Campaign and Anti-Missionaries

Two Israeli bloggers from Be'er Sheva who spent months writing in favor of Jesus and the Christian faith have made a complete turnabout-thanks to an 8-hour visit from the anti-missionary Yad L'Achim organization.A blog on Israel's Nana10 site, entitled "Blog HaBesorah" (Blog of the Gospel), long featured the pro-Jesus missionary work of a pair of bloggers calling themselves Princes of Light ("Fighting Knight" and "Fighting Princess," individually). On July 11 of this year, for instance, they listed a series of Biblical verses that, they claimed, prove the veracity of the Christian messiah.A week later, however, the blog was entitled ["Spiritual Revolution"]-and explained that they had undergone a major change.Excerpts from the July 19 entry:{{{{{{"Dear readers,"For a good number of months, I believed wholeheartedly in Jesus as god.But about a week ago,I started to have doubts and to search for the truth, the historical facts, and the veracity of the New Testament... I reached the conclusion that the entire New Testament is simply full of lies that were made up by human beings... for political reasons...The gospels are not reliable! Various parts were continually added to them, and they were then organized anew... mainly by the Romans who defined the New Testament according to their needs.This is the conclusion I reached - and now I am sure of it as well.The sign is that yesterday the Fighting Princess received a visit from Yad L'Achim.They came to her home, explained and proved to her time after time after time why the New Testament and Jesus' divinity are not true and are full of lies.I apologize to you, dear readers, but most of what you read here on this blog was simply lies. Judaism is the only right way. Proofs of this will come soon, from the Fighting Princess."}}}}}}The Yad L'Achim visit referred to in the blog was an eight-hour event, in the home of Fighting Princess, a girl by the name of M.The Yad L'Achim activists, after being made aware of the missionary blogging pair, had invested great efforts to find out their identities - and one day in July, three of them made their way to M.'s home in Be'er Sheva.Among the three was "Shlomo," a former leading missionary himself.M. greeted the three with some surprise, and unenthusiastically welcomed them into her home.The conversation lasted eight hours, until 1 AM, with M.'s parents - non-observant at the time, but now already on their way, with their daughter, to living a religious Jewish lifestyle - shocked to find their daughter thick into belief in Jesus."It was the kind of discussion in which you don't even look at the clock until it's over," Shlomo later told Arutz-7."It was very intense, with many issues brought up, and it's constantly in the back of your mind that it's a one-shot deal - not the type of thing that you can just say, OK, we'll continue tomorrow.The fact that they let us in at all was already an achievement, and we sensed that we had to make the most of it."
Eight tense hours later, M. said, "You have given me a lot to think about.Now I have to process the data by myself."Apparently, she immediately discussed it with her boyfriend A., otherwise known as Fighting Knight. It turned out that A., a young Israeli of Russian descent, had been having doubts of his own, but hesitated to share them with M.The next day, the above blog announcing their "spiritual revolution" appeared on their site.
Talkbacks Reveal a Large Community
The talkbacks to the blog announcing the switch came fast and furious.One said,"I'm in shock! What about the experiences you had?! And what about what happened with Yaron and Steve in the park near your home? And everything you told me - it's all lies?" To this, A. answered, "It didn't all disappear in one day.It's research that I did and found out lots of things.The fact that M. also was convinced is a sign that I am right.There is one G-d in the sky and He is our true Lord!And not Jesus!"Arutz-7 also spoke with Rabbi Meir Cohen, who led the drive to locate the bloggers' identities and also took part in the fateful meeting. Asked if it is true, as the blog and the talkbacks indicate, that there is an entire community of young Hebrew-speaking Jews who claim to believe in Jesus, Rabbi Cohen said, "It most certainly is! I personally know dozens of them, and I know that there are hundreds of them...We have already made contact with some of their blogging friends, and I have an appointment to meet one of them in the next few days."
A. explained in a later posting that he has no intention of actually becoming religious. Rabbi Cohen said, "Yes, he is very wary of the daily religious obligations such as putting on tefillin, etc. But of course the fact that he no longer worships more than one god is a great achievement..."
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