Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Help Muslim-background Believer Claim His Constitutional Rights!

Recently, Open Doors learned about the case of a 24-year-old Christian in Egypt who needs your support and prayers. His name is Mohammed Ahmed Hegazy.
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Hegazy is the very first Muslim-background believer (MBB) to bring a case against the Egyptian government for not allowing him to change the religion on his official identification card. And we must stand together on his behalf!Here’s why… The religion listed on an Egyptian citizen’s ID card has serious implications. It affects what kind of marriage ceremony they are entitled to, what kind of religion their children will learn in school, and it even affects their inheritance and burial rights. So it’s vitally important that Hegazy’s ID card say that he’s a Christian!Today, Open Doors is asking concerned Christians like you to email Egyptian Ambassador Nabil Fahmy urging his government to issue Christians like Mohammed new ID cards.Also, please be in prayer for Hegazy and his pregnant wife. Because of their decision to follow Christ, they have received numerous death threats… and they have recently been forced into hiding. Please pray that God would protect them from those who would wish them harm!
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