Sunday, October 7, 2007

Prayers Urged for Christians in Nigeria After Deadly Riots

Christians are being urged to pray this month for believers in Nigeria after they were badly hit by anti-Christian rioting in the northern state of Kano.At least nine Christians were killed by Muslims in a wave of violent attacks in Kano between Sept. 28 and 29.A number of churches were also burned to the ground while the homes and businesses of non-Muslims were destroyed. One witness told U.K.-based Barnabas Fund that as many as 126 Christian homes were attacked by rioters.While the trigger behind the riots remains unclear, there are rumors that they were prompted by a picture that offended Muslims. The exact details of the picture, however, are unclear.There is also speculation that authorities removed many of the bodies to obscure the actual death toll.The Barnabas Fund, which serves and supports persecuted believers worldwide, has appealed to Christians to support with prayer the appeal of Samuel Salifu of the Christian Association of Nigeria. He has asked the Nigerian Government to take action against those who regularly stir up anti-Christian violence in the country.“Praise God for the patience of Christians in Kano who turned the other cheek and did not retaliate against those who attacked them and destroyed their property,” the Barnabas Fund added.“Pray that they will continue to respond with Christ-like forgiveness. Pray for those who were bereaved in the latest rioting that they will find comfort and hope in the Lord.”

As in the days of Noah....

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