Friday, October 12, 2007

Missionary attacked with panga

Johannesburg - A South African missionary working in Mozambique has been admitted to hospital after being attacked by a gang of panga-wielding robbers.Jimmy Meyer, 35, and his wife Marlize, 30, have been doing mission work in Gondola, in the Manica province of Mozambique, for more than a year.Dewald van den Berg, head of the Evangelical Rural Mission Organisation, said the gang of five had overpowered the couple in their house at the mission station, at about 02:00 on Thursday. "Jimmy jumped up to protect Marlize and was struck on his head and arm. He was also badly beaten in the face. They tied him and Marlize up and ransacked the house," Van den Berg said from Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal.
Slid in pools of blood
Apparently there was so much blood on the floor from Meyer's injuries that the attackers slid in the pools of blood.They made off with about R20 000 and other items. The mission station also cares for widows and orphans."We've been aware for some time that the gang was operating in the area, but nobody expected in their wildest dreams that they would beat the missionaries half to death," Van den Berg said. The couple were expected to fly to South Africa on Friday or Saturday. Jimmy could not be moved earlier because he'd lost so much blood.When they are back in South Africa, they'll both receive counselling. The mission house is in the grounds of the mission station, along with a large church and accommodation for the widows and orphans. It is situated just outside the town of Gondola.South African farmers in the area contacted Van Den Berg after the attack, and supported Jimmy and Marlize in the hospital."Just after they'd contacted me, I decided to phone Marlize's cellphone, and would you believe it, one of the men (a suspected robber) took the call," he said.Van den Berg told him what he thought of him, and after the scolding all the man had to say was "I understand".The incident was reported to the Mozambican police and three suspects had been arrested by late on Thursday.Marlize apparently recognised one of the suspects. None of the stolen items have been recovered.

As in the days of Noah...

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