Sunday, July 13, 2008

PAKISTAN:Christian Shepherd Boy Dies of Rabies After Muslim "feudal lord" Refused to Provide Medical Treatment

Impoverished Christian parents in Pakistan’s Punjab province were still awaiting justice more than 2 weeks after their teenage son died from rabies while working as a shepherd, because a Muslim “feudal lord” allegedly refused to provide medical treatment.Nasir Masih, 15, perished June 10 after the landowner kept the severely sick boy at his farmhouse to work and concealed his illness for 41 days, as reported byBosNewsLife.It is not uncommon for Christian teens and younger children to be held in slave-like conditions in this Muslim country. Struggling families in rural areas often send their children to landowners as they have no means to provide for them. After Nasih’s death, the landowner allegedly warned the parents to not inform police or he would file a case of “blasphemy against Islam” against the them. Rights and church groups say that current blasphemy laws have often been misused to settle disputes.
Pray that local authorities would take action against this landowner and that Pakistan would become a land that respects religious minorities.
Pray that authorities would see through the misuse of these blasphemy laws, and they would lose their power to intimidate and subjugate Christians, and other minorities.
Pray for Nasih’s family, and other’s like them who have been bereaved, and that they would experience His healing presence and power to love their enemies
As in the days of Noah....

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