Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Free Bibles available at Beijing Olympic village

BEIJING-Free Bibles in both English and Chinese bearing the Beijing Olympic logo will be available to athletes and tourists at next month's Games, state media reported on Monday.The China Christian Council has printed 50,000 copies of the Bible and New Testament as well as booklets with the four gospels which will be available in churches and the athletes' village, the China Daily reported."As far as I know, this is the first time an Olympic logo will be used on a religious booklet," said Xu Xiaohong, a Christian Council of China official told the paper.Beijing organisers said last year that the Olympic village ban on "pamphlets and materials used for any religious or political activity or display" did not include personal copies of the Bible.Nevertheless, a report in the Italian media in November said they would not be allowed and a U.S. congressman introduced a resolution condemning the ban.{{{{Christians are free to practice in China, although the government attempts to exercise control over churches by demanding they accept state registration and supervision.}}}}(1)Monday's report did not mention if holy books of other religions would be made available to athletes and tourists. For more stories visit our multimedia website "Road to Beijing" at
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PS:We all know that the "freedom of religion" in China is just a phrase and that persecution continues steady and has even increased these past few weeks ahead of the Olympics,so that's why I marked that statement between brackets...
Let's continue praying for our brothers and sisters in China and for the entire nation,from the authorities down....!!!!The prayer of the righteous availeth much!!!!
As in the days of Noah....

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