Sunday, July 13, 2008

COLOMBIA:Pastor Receives Death Threats

A series of death threats against Wilmer Ribon, 31, pastor of Rivers of Living Water Church in Belen Rincon, a paramilitary-controlled neighborhood with a high violent crime rate, has prompted Wilmer and his family to flee to Colombia’s capital, according to a report by Compass Direct. During his 3-year tenure at the church, Ribon has launched a number of public outreach programs, including weekly evangelistic services when the two-month series of death threats began.The threats continued until Wilmer felt compelled to leave with his family until things settled down.A Christian worker in Colombia said this type of “expulsion” is occurring elsewhere also as paramilitary groups attempt to regain control of areas from rebel guerrillas.“Pastors are always targeted by these groups because pastors preach about peace, which does not suit these groups,” the worker said. The Ribon family is now living in a cold, windowless warehouse.
Pray for the Ribon family that they will be sheltered in His care and will know what God would have them do next.
Pray that these paramilitary groups would not be successful in their attempts to drive out Christian workers and that God’s people would be protected under His wings.
Pray that God’s Spirit would hover over this country where drug-induced violence has long held sway, and bring a supernatural peace that will cause the Gospel to prosper.
As in the days of Noah...

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