Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Religious Freedom Issues in China Need Your Prayer

As China looks forward to hosting the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the rest of the world is taking a closer look at the human rights issues in China with the help of the world media. One of the main issues of concern is religious freedom. There are continuous reports of ongoing restrictions on freedom of worship in China - particularly for unregistered church groups. These reports have led to arrests, detention in labor camps and confiscation of Christian literature. The Chinese government has stepped up an official campaign against human rights activists and lawyers in recent months and has increased its suppression of religious believers.
Please Pray:
*For the unregistered church members to trust God despite the risks they face as they continue to meet and worship Him. Pray also for those who have been arrested and sent to labor camps for preaching the gospel will be set free. (Exodus 23:25)
*For the many believers around the world who feel called to go to China and share the gospel during the Olympics. Pray that they accept the calling God has put in their heart and that God will provide safety and finances for their trip. (Matthew 24:14)
*That the confiscated Christian literature will end up in the hands of police who are ready to receive the truth about Jesus Christ and be saved. (Acts 11:14)
Source: Open Doors USA
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