Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pastors Seminar in India Attacked; Police Refuse to Take Action

Bangalore-In another incident of escalating persecution and lack of security, a pastors training seminar in Karnataka was attacked by Hindu radicals on Tuesday."A mob of around 100 Hindu radicals by Rajendra Baby, a local Bajrang Dal leader arrived and disrupted the meeting, abusing and forcing them to stop the session," said the report by Global Council of Indian Christians.The Christian advocacy group based in the state said the Christian seminar held at the Well Water Garden Institute in Mysore – the second biggest city in the state of Karnataka – had gathered over 70 pastors and featured a pastor from South Korea as its guest speaker.Police arrested several pastors from the group on allegations that the Christians were involved in forceful conversion. At least two pastors suffered minor injuries in the assault by the irate radicals."A few pastors requested the District Superintendent of Police, Mr. Ramasubbu, to provide security for the Pastors Training Seminar. However, around 7 p.m. a police team was led by Circle inspector Venketaramanappa barged into the chapel, and stopped the evening prayer," GCIC reported.
The police not only seized the Christian materials and their personal vehicles, but also threatened the pastors of dire consequences if they went on with the seminar.One of the pastors from the group has reportedly lodged a complaint against the activists.The attack comes on the heels of an arrest earlier this month of a bishop and 40 Pastors in Khammam district, Andhra Pradesh. Christians, who were on a mission tour from Vishakpatnam to Bhadrachalam in Khammam district, were assembled for a prayer meeting with Bishop John Peter of Baptist Church when "radicals barged in," as GCIC reported. Officials from the Bhadrachalam Police station had taken them in apparently based on a case filed by the radicals, or local Hindu extremists.
As in the days of Noah...

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