Saturday, June 7, 2008

Christians abducted in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka-Christians in northwestern Sri Lanka have been subjected to an outbreak of abductions in recent days. The World Evangelical Alliance reports that a Sri Lankan pastor and his assistant were abducted on Saturday, May 31.Pastor Kandiah Sivakumaran and his assistant Mariyappan Yuvaneswaran were abducted in Tabbowa, in the Puttlam District of Sri Lanka. The pastor was active in Christian ministry. The abductors, who have not yet been identified, arrived at the scene in a white van.Recently, two other people were also abducted in a very similar way. They had been traveling on the Mannar-Puttlam road.Restrictions on Sri Lankan Christians have been increasing. A new curfew law requires individuals to report where they are going and what they are doing, and another law attacks late night prayer meetings, Gospel for Asia reports. GFA’s Bible college and its students have also been attacked and harassed.Civil unrest has been ongoing for years.
Pray that God will provide wisdom for people on both sides of the conflict.
Pray for the safety and release of those who were abducted.
Pray that the Sri Lankan church will be strong and healthy in the midst of persecution

As in the days of Noah...

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