Monday, August 2, 2010

Women and children abused by Burmese leaders

Burma (MNN)-The atrocities against the tribal people of Burma continue to mount, yet the world continues to ignore their plight. In Part 3 of our series about Vision Beyond Borders, we're taking a look at how women and children are being affected by what's being called a "genocide" in Burma by many who work there.President of Vision Beyond Borders Patrick Klein travels to the region regularly. He just returned from Burma with an even stronger sense of urgency to tell the world about what's happening there. Thousands of Karen and other tribal people are being forced from their homes.One report indicated that 27 towns and villages have been forced to relocate by the Burmese Army.Klein says, "What we're hearing is that they're killing the men, and they're allowing the women and children to flee to Thailand to the refugee camps. Then the Thai government is going to force these kids and women back into Burma to clear out the mine fields. They're just going to be mine-sweepers"...

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