Saturday, March 21, 2009


I just wanted to drop a line here and let you all know about my life these past weeks.I felt it was neccessary since I'm going thru a very stressfull season in my life.
Somebody we love dearly is on life support.He's been on life support since last week when he coded at 300Am one nite...It is our pastor.He is more than a brother to us.He is part of our family and is like a father to us.He is only 47 and was diagnosed with colon cancer in october.We are still believing for a miracle,because we dont believe it is his time to go yet.So Ive been on the phone a lot,writting emails a lot,praying and fasting a lot,and trying to gon on with my life and rest in the midst of all this.Ive been trying to update my blogs everyday.Some days were more challenging than others.On top of that this coming week is what I call my "performing week"where you play as a soloist in front of real people that you dont know,and you get scored.Ive been doing pretty well but Im discouraged and sad.I just pick up the violin and play but I feel Im not there.I need the Lord to help me at all times.
I was just thinking that Ive gone thru a long season of struggle,trials,losses and disease and Im ready for a season of rest and restoration.
Events worldwide are going fast...faster than I anticipated they would.And all indicates that we are moving fast in time to a time of tribulation as the world has not known.
I have been feeling a prompting to spend more time alone with God and get my soul,mind and body ready for what is coming ahead.I urge you to do the same.To be ready at all times,cause we dont know the day and the hour.I know we all have a bunch of loved ones that are not saved yet.So we need to keep believing loving and praying and sharing the Word and working while it is still day...BUT the night comes...and is coming quickly...
Ive got to go now.We're headed to the hospital,cause today my pastor was scheduled to be disconnected from the ventilator for an hour to test if he could be weaned off it...This is difficult for all us .So IF the Lord leads you to pray for this,I would appreciate it and if you want to drop a line and let me know you are praying and where you are from,that would be really encouraging.
Thank you so much,for visiting my blog.
Im humbled to know many of you come back on a regular basis for news an for the truth and thank you to all those of you that sent me kind comments about it.
God bless you all
And Keep Looking Up....!!!
1 John 3:8
As in the days of Noah...

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