Wednesday, January 21, 2009

PAKISTAN:Three Christians Attacked by supporters of the Pakistan Muslim League

Bos News Life has reported that three Christians were attacked by supporters of the Pakistan Muslim League in late November. The attack happened during a welcome procession for the Provincial Minister of Punjab for Minorities Affairs and Human Rights. Mushtaq Gill, one of the men attacked, is a Christian member of the local Assembly of Punjab’s Sargodha Distric.After the attack, Mushtaq Gill was left with a fractured left leg and serious head injuries which were almost fatal.The other two Christians hurt in the attack were Yasser Maseh and Asif Masih. According to an investigation by the World Council of Churches this attack was the latest in a series of incidents targeting Christian leaders and individual believers.
Pray for the protection for all Christians in Pakistan and especially their leaders as the country drifts into a period of uncertainty.
Pray for the physical healing for Messrs Mushtaq Gill, Yasser Maseh and Asif Masih from the injuries received in this attack.
Pray for God’s blessing upon Mushtaq Gill as he takes a public stand for Minorities and Human Rights in his area of Pakistan.
As in the days of Noah....

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