Friday, January 30, 2009

Attacks on faith are an opportunity, says Cameron

A well-known Christian actor says it should come as no surprise that Christianity is under attack in America.Kirk Cameron is co-host of The Way of the Master,a 30-minute television show aired weekly to more than 100 nations via the Trinity Broadcast Network, FamilyNet, Sky Angel, the Christian Television Network, and several other outlets. Along with co-host Ray Comfort, Cameron teaches Christians how to witness biblically and effectively. Cameron, who as a teenager starred on the hit TV series Growing Pains, says it is clear that assaults on the Christian faith are increasing in the public square.But Christians should not react with hostility, he advises; instead, he suggests they should view the attacks as an opportunity to share and spread the gospel of Christ."Mankind wants to suppress the truth-and people love their sin," notes Cameron. "And there's enough people out there who are really irritated enough about the truth of God and the fact that you're going to be accountable to God one day that they want to try and squash all of that so they can have as much fun as they can now." The outspoken Christian understands that attitude. "You know, if I was an atheist, I would imagine I'd be going along the same lines," he shares, "because if this life is all there is, why not just go all out and take everybody out of the way who's trying to keep you from having all your fun?" But as Cameron points out in his testimony, a life of belief in Christ brings joy beyond measure. "I can honestly tell you," he says, "...that of all the places I've ever been, of all the people I've ever met, of all the fun and exciting things I've ever done, absolutely nothing compares to the joy of knowing Jesus Christ, of knowing that my sins are forgiven, and that I'm in a right relationship with God." The third season of The Way of the Master has been released.
By Allie Martin and Jody Brown - OneNewsNow
As in the days of Noah....

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