Saturday, September 20, 2008


The regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a vocal claimant of Islamic equality and justice, as well as presenting itself as the torch bearer of international justice for Muslims and the Islamic world.It assumes the notion of being a key leader not only in the Middle East but also throughout the world and unashamedly discusses the freedom of minorities in Iran.For many, the reality is so different as we now see a time of unprecedented persecution, discrimination and injustice towards many differing minorities, including Bahai’s, Jews, Zorostrians and Christians.Indeed, the country is disintegrating into an abyss of social, economic and moral corruption at all levels.Prostitution has now reached unprecedented levels with estimates of over half a million women involved.It is perhaps not as surprising when you consider that Iran’s religious leaders, without even a slight hesitation, openly endorse and encourage “hourly” marriages, given with the blessing of a verse from the Koran. Drug addiction affects over 5 million people, Aids is sharply increasing and assessments are that over half of the population are clinically depressed. The government is using everything in its power to subject a handful of Christians who commit the capital crime of coming together in the quiet of their home s to pray and to sing Christian songs.Their prayer is also addressed to the country’s leaders who seize every opportunity they can find to invade the privacy and sanctity of the homes.Hundreds of believers are being tortured, brutally interrogated and forced to spy on one other.As an example of one these atrocities, on Saturday 12 July, while 12 believers were waiting to catch an internal flight to Tehran they were arrested by the Secret Police and subjected to a daylong interrogation, leading to the seizure of computers and Christian material from their homes.They were subsequently released, at about 11 at night and given orders not to leave the city.At the same time Mohsen Radfar, who has been a believer over 10 years, was travelling to Tehran in his car when he was forcibly taken into custody.Until now there has been no news, either of his well-being or his whereabouts.Farsi Christian News Network ( ) has undeniable reports about arrests conducted in Bandar Abbas, Amol, Tehran, Bandar Bushehr, Kerman, and many other cities.With this news we encourage the international community to pray for the saints in Iran.
They are paying with their own sweat and blood for the outbreak of revival and freedom in Iran.
PS:Even though this report is from late july,it makes it only 2 months old...things have not changed much since then.LETS PRAY and BELIEVE for the OUTBREAK of REVIVAL and FREEDOM in IRAN!!!!!!!With GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!!

As in the days of Noah....

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