Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stop Anti-Christian Violence in Orissa, India!

Following the assassination of Hindu leader Swami Laxmananda Saraswati on August 23, 2008 in Orissa State, India, Hindu leaders accused Christians and called for revenge.The attacks have resulted in the deaths of at least 100 Christians, two of whom were burned alive. The mobs also destroyed hundreds of houses and churches and forced thousands of Christians to flee for their lives into the surrounding jungle.A Maoist group later claimed responsibility for killing Saraswati and four of his disciples August 23, saying that fanatical Hindus’ claims that Christians murdered him were “lies.”Open Doors is asking supporters to email the Indian Ambassador to the U.S., Ronen Sen, to ask him to provide adequate protection for Christians in Orissa and to ensure justice and compensation to the victims of the violent attacks.
Please take a moment now to email the Indian Ambassador, Ronen Sen, urging him to:
--order an official inquiry into the situation;
--seek justice for both the perpetrators and victims of the violence; and
--deploy sufficient military forces to the affected areas to prevent further violence against Christians.
For more information, view the Orissa Christian Persecution Fact Finding Report.

As in the days of Noah....


Vetri Pandit said...

It is sad to see that VHP/ Bajrang Dal are getting the largest contributions(from famous companies also) from US. This money supplied from US is used to bring down Churches and attack tribals in India.

The BJP, Bajrang Dal, RSS and VHP which are anti-christian are a bigger danger than terrorist organisations. They must be banned and their fund raising in western countries should be stopped.

Everything should be done by western nations to stop atrocities agains Christians in India.

Time to wake up and stand up to call of sane and secular Indians!

shivaji choudhury said...

we must condemn killing or violence in the name of religion in Karnataka, Orissa,MP, Nagaland,MizOram,Tripura or any where in India.First we are indian ,then we are what we are

I hope christen insurgent will stop killing innocent persons in the name of GOD in nagaland,mizoram,tripura after reading your above article.

k vishwanath reddy said...

In my view, some organisation are trying to take advantage of the religious sentiments of the people. Offcourse, in the wake of comming elections..... but I am sure they won't be successful.