Sunday, April 20, 2008

VIETNAM:The Devoted Degar Christians

In October 2004, devoted Degar Montagnard Christians prayed fervently for Christian persecution to come to an end in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Instead, government forces broke up this prayer vigil and commenced to kill, injure and imprison many Degar Christians, according to a report by BosNewsLife. Forty one year old Kpa Kloh, was one the Degar Christians that was arrested on that fateful day. Since his arrest and imprisonment, Kpa Kloh has been repeatedly tortured, beaten, and given electrical shock treatments by Vietnamese security police. On February 10th, Kpa Kloh died as a result of this constant and brutal torture. He leaves behind his wife R’mah and six beautiful children.
Pray for Kpa Kloh’s wife and children as they mourn the death of this Christian martyr.
Pray that the Degar Montagnard Christians will find solace and peace in remembering that Christ suffered also.
Pray that the other Degar Christian prisoners understand that it was only Kpa Kloh’s physical, temporal body that died—not his spirit.
Pray that the Degar Montagnard Christians’ prayers will be answered and Christian persecution will soon come to an end all over Vietnam.

As in the days of Noah....


Steve said...

Dear Friends,
We have a Christmas play that deals with topics of persecution in Vietnam that you might want to read. Vist
to read 'The Red Testament"
Read Act 2 posted on the site.
The play is not intended to be a political statement. just a message of God's love in our real and troubled times.
Starvision Prod,

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