Sunday, April 20, 2008

AZERBAIJAN:Pastor Imprisoned in bad health

In 1992, Saur Baleen became the first Christian convert from Islam in his rural village of Aliabad, Azerbaijan.Since that time, he has also become the first pastor in the Zapata region and started a small Baptist church on his property.However the government would not recognize his church and repeatly denied him registration.Pastor Balaev and ten of his church members lost their jobs because of their new faith, and the government has consistently blocked his efforts to start a small business. Open Doors report he was jailed on false charges in May 2007, tried, and sentenced to two years in prison for alleged “ violence against a state representative when carrying out official duties”. The court ignored the lack of any evidence showing that it was Pastor Balaev who caused the scratches and bruises on the Azerbaijan state representative.Since his detention, Pastor Balaev has had two heart attacks and is now experiencing kidney pain. His wife, children, and family are asking for our prayers during this extremely difficult time.
Pray that Pastor Balaev’s health will dramatically improve, that his sentence will be reversed, and for his swift release from prison.
Pray that Pastor Balaev’s family and church will stand strong and stay faithful through these difficult times.
Pray for all of the Muslim background believers in Azerbaijan as they experience extreme pressure from the police, and local Islamic authorities.
As in the days of Noah...


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