Friday, November 30, 2007

Hindu Radicals Attack Pastor in India

The Global Council of Indian Christians reports that Pastor Siddarama Gokhavi and his congregation were attacked by Hindu radicals during their Sunday worship meeting in early November in Ananda Nagara, Bihar. Over 20 Bajrang Dal Hindu radicals, chanted a slogan while vehemently attacking the church and its members. When the local Karnataka police were alerted about the incident, they arrived and began to aid the Hindu radicals instead of helping the Christian victims. Some of the police dragged Gokhavi and six others in an apparent plan to physically injure them. The pastor and his wife were accused by the police of persuading Hindus to convert to Christianity.As the police commenced their attack, the Hindu radicals proceeded to burn Bibles and other Christian literature, and destroy church property. Fortunately,Pastor Gokhavi and his congregation are in stable condition.Yet, they are dismayed and shocked to know that the police were directly involved in this act of Christian persecution.
PRAYfor Pastor Gokhavi and his congregation as they physically and mentally recover from this attack.
PRAYthat the Hindu radicals and the Karnataka police are charged and brought to justice for the crimes committed against the church.
PRAY that Pastor Gokhavi and his congregation will grow in faith by virtue of this incident.
Source:International Christian Concern
As in the days of Noah...

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