Friday, November 30, 2007

Continue to Pray for Rami’s Widow and Sons

Pauline and her sons are in Bethlehem now. She is fragile and sometimes feels very weak. At the same time, her faith remains strong and she is encouraged by all of the letters and prayers she is receiving.Her 2 year old son, George, misses his dad so much and is hardly eating as a result. Pauline is 7 months pregnant and is expected to give birth on February 12th. This date is important because it marks her wedding anniversary.
Please pray:
*For Pauline and her sons George (2) and Wisam (10 months), that they can stand strong in these difficult times and experience the comfort of Jesus every single day.
*For those guilty of murdering Rami, that they will repent of their sins and seek forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ.
Source :Open Doors
As in the days of Noah....

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